Contemporary Istanbul Art, Culture & Education Foundation (CIACEF) was founded in 2018 to support the development of contemporary art and contemporary culture through educational programmes and to present crucial examples of contemporary art, new initiatives, new trends and cultural developments to art lovers in Istanbul. Besides introducing Turkish contemporary art and culture to the World, the foundation also aims to position Istanbul as one of the important centers of international art and culture.

CIF Dialogues, the first event of CIACEF, will take place on the 18th of September 2018. For the past 6 years, CIF Dialogues took place at Contemporary Istanbul fairground with the participation of art professionals, museum & gallery directors, artists, curators as speakers.

The upcoming edition will take place at a separate venue from Contemporary Istanbul. The main theme for the 2018 edition is Sensibilities; which is aimed to allow participants to discover one’s ability to appreciate and understand his/her surrounding while empathizing throughout the process of interpreting different disciplines of art. The individual session topics will be closely linked with notions of art, architecture & spaces, technology, innovation, design & heritage and culture. CIF Dialogues will again create a platform where participants and speakers can exchange ideas and experiences.

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